Van Gaal on his way out

[ATTACH=full]25335[/ATTACH] In a way, you could tell that Stoke would be his Waterloo. Sasa mzito inakaa next year ni ngori. Almost 60 percent of the ball and no goal.

Former Barcelona and Bulgaria soccer great Hristo Stoichkov pointed out the fact that LVG has a tendency of destroying teams with his authoritarian so called ‘policies’ when he took over Man U reigns.

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Van Gaal some time back criticized Victor Valdes and other players for not following his philosophy. He was a d*ck about it and somehow, karma is coming full circle.

Maureen’s mentor. I wonder who Man Utd will hire to replace him.

haha anataka kulia Aende alilie chini ya kitanda

Mimi sijawahi ona mzungu ameturn red kukiwa na baridi

Saints wameamua leo.