Value of a house.

Wadau, what should be the value of a house compared to the land on which it is built upon? Is there a standard ratio? For example, is it sensible to build a Ksh10 million bungalow on a tiny piece of land worth Ksh 400000? I have a relative who has built an expansive house on a very tiny piece of land. Is this economically viable?

wapi huko kuna land ya ksh400k ? back to your question, I think you can build anyhow you want, as long as you are in compliance with the laid regulations . I’m sure if you comb through the leafy suburbs , you will come across, houses that are way much below the price value of land they are built on.

There are only by-laws and building regulations that should be adhered to and mostly involve plot to building ratio.

It’s basically adding value to either of the property. The plot was not of value, after building a maisonette on it it’s value shoots up. The building, you can always calculate the cost of construction. But if it is built on a prime spot, even a shack will be more valuable compared to shacks elsewhere. Maoni yangu.

It is only in Kenya where you will find a five bedroom maisonette hogging every inch of a 40x80 plot. People can afford big houses but not adequate land. I wonder how it feels to have such a huge investment but no space for the kids to play.


They’ll play in the house. It’s big enough.

kwangu hii ndio muhimu sana