Valuable lessons from US elections

I was a supporter of Trump for some key reasons. For me, i know that Trump is a racist bigot who has shown that many times but i supported him because during his reign he never invaded or went to war with any country…it was a peaceful rein i must say and you cannot deny him that compared to Bush who invaded Iraq, Obama who invaded Libya, Syria, Yemen and others. I also liked Trump because he did not force US LGBTs values on African countries and he allowed us to operate freely as sovereign countries.
Nevertheless elections are done and dusted Biden has won and i like the fact that he maintained calm throughout the entire electioneering period until he was declared a winner.
I have my doubts whether the US elections were free and fair and my doubts stems mainly on the mail in ballots. For me i find it difficult to believe they are free from manipulation but it is not for me to decide, that is the work of the US courts. It is good Trump has decided to go to the courts to contest the results which will assist us to know whether the USA elections were free and fair or not. And whatever the court rules that i will abide by and subscribe to and Trump should also do so.
Similarly in Kenya Raila Odinga should learn from this, when you are defeated in elections, Maandamano and BBI is not the route, go to the courts and whatever the courts rules one should abide by and let it be final. The issue of using extra legal means of maandamano to get a sway in government and BBI after defeat is backwardness at its best. And once someone has been rejected at the ballot they should stop vying for elections almost ten times and leave for other young leaders to take the mantle. Meanwhile BBI MUST FALL!

The Senate is split 50/50 between Democrats and Republicans, this will be a very interesting tenure for Democrats as they wont have it easy passing laws and effecting bills.

War is not just guns and troops. He waged war against Europe, China and Africa by just using his tongue. He almost destroyed the world just like Hitler.

Leadership and what’s good for the American people will prevail unopposed

Unless another Tea Party movement is brewing the senate will pass bills with almost little resistance. The biggest task will be ensuring Americans get a new stimulus package and slowing down rona.

Once that’s done Biden will then undone Trumps mess and restore good cordial relationship with the world.

Immigration, Green New Deal, Police Reforms, Economy and Education will the Democrats focal points.

On a good note all my stocks in renewable energy have been soaring.

Who are in charge of the police reforms… Is it the federal govt or state govts?

Do you think that old fool raila can understand this. According to him Trump should instigate some mass protests and lawlessness so as to get a nusu mkate arrangement. He does not understand thats elections are a process guided by a constitution and the results should be clear; have a winner and a loser.

It will start at the federal level. Will slowly see decriminalization of marijuana. Militarization of police will also be slowed but Democrats usually arm the police with crazy weapons. So we might see restrictions come into play. And new police guidelines and rules which will see trickle down to the different police unions and precincts. Where if they refuse there federal funding would be in jeopardy.

Supposing the courts hand the presidency back to trump…you think biden wont call for maandamano and demonstrations??

Courts cannot. Hiyo sahau. Ata biden ameshinda in states that trump hasn’t sued. So…

The courts would need massive evidence and even then they would either ask for a recount or cancel the election and order a fresh one and only in the states affected. If that were the case why would he call for protests when its clear there are malpractices. Only raila does that even where he has lost clean

You, sir, are uninformed. Trump nearly started ww3 on April 2018 but the generals ignored his commands. Thereafter he became a dove because he found out that the generals are not as stupid as his supporters.
Obama never invaded any country!

There is no US president in the past 60 years that has never interfered in African affairs. They all do. And the US does not support gays like other western countries the only US value is capitalism.

You really must teach yourself to keep Raila’s name out of your mouth. There is nothing ‘extra legal’ he did as you claim. He was well within the law in challenging the outcome of the election in court; well within his rights to pull out of the repeat sham election, and certainly sworn in as The People’s President without violating the constitution.

Stupid. Who invaded Libya and killed Gaddafi?

Pia wewe ni ng’ombe ya Raila?

Trump never did that shit

They dont do it publicly

NATO; A military intervention is not the same as an invasion, Libyans killed Gadaffi.