Vals edition thread

Its going down. Kama kawaida amepark his one seater cheki maneno pale nje ya garden city massive. Hapa waschana wameamua kutokea kutokea. Wanaslay kabisa showing some legs and The.Black loves some good shinny female legs. Sileti picha.

Anyway vals inawatreat aje leo usiku? Naskia town wanaume wamenunua flowers with wanton abandon!? Mko na picha mlete hapa? about to go watch black panther. Over and out !

You are definitely not getting laid.

Sijui nifike huko nikuanike

Kwani blank panther inaisha leo? Security is always an issue for me on days like this when it is obvious watu watakuwa wengi. I am taking my fwd or should I say she is taking me over the weekend to watch black panther at least when things are more calm.

Same. … Huku its winter break ya ma students (i forgot)napata cinema ni watoto ka wote…so i couldnt smoke up before watching…
Tumechapa u turn ki roho safi…

I will be bringing trailers as the movie progresses

[ATTACH=full]157196[/ATTACH] We ain even getting it on IMAX…fucking dope but am out now…sitaki spoilers

pic taken four days ago bruh

pic taken in Dec people.

can we all just reconcile to the fact that Palmella is a good lover instead of posting outdated pictures.

Thnk You


BAE ni your right hand? Mushienzi :D:D

lo! my scrabbler is the one fucking up done why? but here is another one
[ATTACH=full]157214[/ATTACH] thats her plate minishamada mine…never trusting google apps again…
free shit ain good …

must have picked from the gallery. concealed information on this one

Lo! how the fuck it scrabbled the date and gps like that sijui…cuz even the gps is fucking weird…gave me a scare for a min

Burr ofcourse i wasnt gonna post spoilers for the fans

Ktalk csi …mnaweza mpa mtu high pressure…know of any good apps that scramble this data cuz hii hata i can’t do more than one pic its annoying…