Valentine's Recon

aye wassap good people. TBH I won’t get the nunu kesho (work manenos) however that not withstanding… Nakuaga Investor. Time, money…you name it.
Iko kienyej has shown me to be reliable, atleast honest, not grossly high to maintain, She lets me be yaani hasumbui sana.
Sasa mzito hapa needs to show gratitude (its encouraged in the book of rules).Nataka aone Even tho I won’t be around to spend time ,touch and caress ,thoughts of her will keep me going. Yaani something to show her that there is someone out here who appreciates her…
Im thinking of Either A Watch/Bracelet ama a Neckbling. I don’t do Flowers. Will be sending as a parcel later today Ataendea kwa G4S. Leteni maoni Elders, wewe utashika gift gan?


Nunulia suruari

Mimi niliambiwa na mmoja ati Simu kesho. Naona nikijitoa - lakini sijaonja yeye. In your case, I suggest a watch.

Avalie nani and he won’t be around??

hehe.How did she arrive to the conclusion ya hio simu

She is not into thongs so surual is out of the kwestion.

Don’t count it as a deal breaker yet.

It started in Jan, oh simu yangu ina shida, oh ilianguka kwa maji. Though the phone was a bit depreciated…sasa last week nikaambiwa ati hawezi mind ikiwa present ya 14th. Told her haiwezi make lakini ameinsist. Hehe, hii watoto watanionyesha mambo.

ya red? hii coment ni kali, :D:D

:D:D tulisema watu wakae pantyless. Na kieleweke!

mother’s union ni thuruari pia

Lingerie tubuyiwe if only the guy will be present… We wear some things for you…

Very nice. Let me see what er… she … will wear for me that day.

One string instrument huwa hamuipendi?

Nitakuvalia ya leopard print

:D:D good lawd.

I see. I keep on learning everyday.

You shouldn’t have let her choose. Unaweza ambiwa hata gari, usicheze na makunguru.

Watch will do. It doesn’t scream desperation much. It just comes off as a gift. In my case, we’ve agreed to put everything on hold till the weekend due to busy work schedules. We’ve planned to chill indoors over the weekend and do a Sunday evening movie at IMAX, Black Panther to be precise.

All the best man.