Valentines day official thread


Hapo sawa nanii.

Amen …repent and receive the good news

Ile pesa wanaume watamwaga kesho acha tu.

Pin this thread the old monk

This is what makes ktalk boring AF. Hii thread haina miguu

He he he iko na mikono tuu :smiley:

Give 14 substantive reasons why it should

Sitatumia ata peni.Wacha utaona

Fools and money. Don’t forget Men are just recovering from December damage plus Njaanuary.



  1. You are a monk
  2. the old monk
  3. You are the Mod
  4. You live in the monastery
  5. Tomorrow is St. Valentine’s day
  6. Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday
  7. Tomorrow is 14th Feb. 2018
  8. Ladies receive flowers on 14th Feb
  9. We receive ash on ash wednesday.
  10. Ladies wear red clothes this day.
  11. Men and women shall be the same tomorrow, with ash on their foreheads.
  12. Tomorrow marks the first day of fasting.
  13. We are made from dust, and from dust we shall return.
  14. Lovers to exchange ash as a Valentine gift

Now pin it.

@pseudonym sorry in advance, massive breakdown at Masimba on way up.
Msedes haisongi mbele wala nyuma
I promise i will make it up for you nikifika Nai hopefully by Sato.



:eek::eek: msedes imekwama ndani ya Mwende?

Noooooo msub county

Noooooooo leo si mambo ya misedes leo ni kutubu dhambi :slight_smile:

Blame it on muarabu and his love for cheap chinku parts