Valentine's day offer!

Good news! Today I’m charging 2k per shot, cum one cum all! If you can come with a bouquet of flowers or a gift hamper there’s a surprise happy ending for you.

Theme: Mastery beads

Don’t forget to tip!!!

Remember its Ash Wednesday ! have a productive day full of 2K and tips !

I will add € 5!

Sina doo… Utachukua gunia la mahindi? And a bunch of si kuma wiki?

Pesa daddy!

Can you imagine if I can get 5 clients today I’ll go home 10k richer!!!?

Hii ningapi in Ksh?


Tax free !

I’m offering to slap any sex starved man for Sh5k per slap.



I thought shemales charge cheaper:D

Roses are ****
violets are crap
show me your clit
and I’ll cum in your lap
…mahatma gandhi 1800

Puta!! Pendejo!!

Why are you so bitter? Take a chill pill nigga, it’s Valentine’s day!!

Of course, you will get the tip first before full entry!


Where can i get virgin olive oil?

Weka coordinates