Valentines day is reckoning day...

Now that Valentines day is around the corner it is time for reckoning with this ladies. I katiad 2 hot mamas late 2018 and they have both accepted to be side chicks…Now shida they are non committal on the ikus… This Vals will be reckoning day no spending on any chick mwenye i am not hitting… Would rather spend on my dia wife and my okolea ex…ama namna gani wadau…

accepted to be side chicks for what? emotional support? only thing side chicks should bring to the table is pussy

What did those sidechiks really accepted?To be prayer partners?kama hakuna ikus then i dont know what you were talkingh about

How can you call someone you have not fucked a side chic?

You’re in denial bruh. How do you call someone you aren’t fucking a side chic? A side chic by definition is a woman that you are FUCKING on the side. Those women are not your side chics, you are their emotional tampon. A gay best friend if you will.

Retard alert.


Keep calm BETA MALE ,hakuna kitu Kama side chick you ain’t fucking ,na hakuna Valentine’s day and wife in alpha male vocabulary

me on valentine day: …

Kubali uliwekwa friendzone

kwani side chics gulive any other things isipokuwa tu sex pekee

It seems all of you above don’t know how to play the long game…Quality not quantity…

 vile wengine wamesema hapo juu

This valentine…