Valentine's Day. Choices, choices ,choices...

Slide in my boots for one second all ye real men of KTalk!

A few weeks ago I hooked up with a Merucan woman from Norway after meeting her on a dating website.
I paid for her flight plus all the expenses that her trip came with down to the condoms I used to have the sloppiest sex I’ve had since I lost my virginity to a Mboch when I was twelve years old.
This bitch literally fingered herself to lesbian porn as I struggled to penetrate her and as soon as she came, she pushed me off ati amemaliza!..

Jana she phoned me up trying to invite herself again ati for Valentine’s Day!
Oh sijui ati “my kids are on halfterm holiday so I can come over for a few days next week”

Really Bitch???

You honestly think I ever want to see you again?!

What, so you can invoice me for your ticket plus cab and train costs?

This is 2018 Not 1918!
I don’t mind paying for dinner etc…but these old fashioned entitled retired whores still think that in a Feminist Age when women want to be treated as equals, that the man should still pay for everything???
Na uko majuu it’s not like you are a humble honest soul in Kayole?..


And then on the other hand,:…
My jungu girlfriend asked me on Sunday what we should do for Valentine’s Day!..
She told me she knows that I’m working and how difficult it is for me to have a day off so we should leave all the shenanigans until the following weekend.
She is going to treat us to a trip to Ireland next weekend that she is paying for and all she wants from me is my company plus a home made meal on the day itself!

Who would you rather spend your time with KTalk men?..

Shame on all of you entitled African sistas.
And you wonder why we call you cheapskate Kungurus?!!!

Uache umama mingi. Spend the day with the woman who makes you feel happy. It’s not rocket science. Unataka we choose even your boxers for you? Umeffi.

I rather stay in with palmela all night and enjoy the Champions League. PSG vs Real Madrid.

Kula mzungu mdogo mdogo nanii!

Mrs Waweru si muchene na umama Unakuwanga na mingi? Tuvae bra na Leso ama? Kweli Mr Waweru alikuwa ameona potential from far :D:D:D

Sasa unatusi waafrika juu umepata malaya mzungu. Meffi sana wewe. Hakuna coomer tamu kama ya mwafrika.

The First person to comment on any thread basically dictates the opinion of everyone else!..
I call it the Kondoo mentality!.. Kikikikkkk…

Opinion is cheap ni kama viatu vya Sandak back in the day: Everyone has one!.. kikikikkkk…

Women are like that…crying for equality, but when it comes to bills wanaenda missing

Go with the jungu chick but not because of her color, but what she means to you. And stop lumping your African sistaz into one category of gold diggers! We are so different you know that…Btw it was so naive of you to send buy a perfect stranger airline tickets and pay all her expenses, while you got 4 kids to feed and cater for…
I’ll be in Kenya this Valentines with my FH, at least that’s the plan. After that ni wedding planning on steroids for those 10 days…then back to trumpstan.
Ebu tuletee pics za Ireland, never been to those Irish guys. What’s good there?

Been there plenty of times.
If you ever go there,go to Wicklow place called Glendalough.
If I’ve seen what heaven should look like, then this is it.

We’re hoping to hire a car when we get there and I’ll take her there.
But I really recommend you visit Ireland one day… It’s beautiful and if you enjoy Castles, Monasteries and historical stuff, that’s your place girlfriend!..


Wow! It’s gorgeous and so peaceful. It’s a nice getaway from all the craziness of work and living in a big city. The focus will be on each other, you and her. We must plan a Europe tour maybe next year and visit all these places. Your advice and sis’s will come in very handy.
Btw, sis please take pictures from your Valentine’s Day excursion and post them here. So excited for you!!

I will, and if you ever need a tour guide on places to visit in Europe, just ask.
Ireland is a nice place to start. Especially Dublin.

Yes dear Sis@Purple. Wooi valentine inaka moto saaaaana kule nilikwambia. And yes Ireland is amazing. Let us know when you are coming.

Omba mkia polepole

@Purple utakulwo

You two will be our European tour guides veerry soon. I feel like packing our bags already…:pLet’s drink to an amazing Valentine’s Day this year and many more to come. :):):slight_smile:

Kabuda ni bro…so that would be incest…shindwe! :smiley:

I’m I the only one seeing the irony here? :D:D:D

Yep kujeni Sis…anytime. I am also hosting muthamaki and all his peeps this year. Weee an aside… I have laughed mpaka my ribs are aching. Mum calls us every sunday to bless us week ahead and to gossip. She told me that ‘muguruki uria wetagwo Miguna niaradiportirwo nee Uhuru…hee Uhuru ndarathaka…araugire come baby come…baby irahaishio ndege’

Sis pls I fell from the bed as she woke me up at 12 our time (hic). I am still laughing. This woman…she carried on and on in Kyuk about the migmig situation…and the looming elections and pls Gavana Babayao. They now want kabogo back…

@kasaman…let me please take the piss and tag you. I hear from my Aunty that the situation in Mushatha has worsened. It is now rape?

Kujeni sis we shall take you round.

Can we atleast be Distant Cousins?..

She Offered because she can easily afford it.
I had plans for us out of my own pocket for the specific day.
The thing about True love is that it’s easy…
Whoever said that Love doesn’t cost a thing was right.

When two genuine people meet, material things don’t Matter.

You really are smitten.
I wish you both a great holiday.
Please take good care of her.