Valentine's day and marriage is a scam

Valentine is big business

To all the men in this house, Please read 1st Corinthians Chapter 7 to 10

Marriage is the only unfair union where the burdens of one fully grown up adult and her Children are put on the shoulders of one poor or able man.

Paul says if he was you he would run away. run away. Run Marriage is not for everyone.

Chapter 7 Vs 7 Paul says

Sometimes I wish everyone was single like me.

Ati 1st Cor chap 7 to 10? Sema Chap 7 vs 1 to 10. Wewe unataka watu wasome biblia mzima. Hata kanisa 1st na 2nd reading yote kwa jumla ni chapter nne?

Sawa but i think i drove the message home since you’ve already noticed that.