Why do we observe February 14th as Valentine’s day? Because of-late, it all about explicit stuffs.

I am sited here just wondering just how much was the damage on boy child’s pocket yesterday. Jana I went to I & m Bank Sarit and in the 20 minutes I was there three very expensive bouquets of flowers were delivered. Yaani hii kitu watu huichukulia serious hivi?

I’m sited here just wondering just how is this thread 18+??

I’m sited here just wondering just how explicit the stuffs are

He he he he, new villager, be cool guys. That is not how welcome people here, mtu apewe tu kiti, he will learn the rest.

If you observe keenly, most days marked as special, are nowadays heavily commercialized.
We are made to feel inadequate if we don’t dig deep into our pockets. From engagements, preweddings, weddings, Anniversaries, spouse bdays and so forth

I am sited here wondering is this upussy?

I am sited here wondering why this mango jus is so sweet!

I am sited here but now I want to move there

Am sited here laughing at your comments

I am sitted here because when I went there I saw @Rir Ovo the NV, so I’m back here

Sasa sweetheart

Where are you sitting?

I would prefer you sit on my face

I was sited here but nikaona nikaribishe new villager instead. @Rir Ovo please have a seat…

And have you suck it dry while having our esteem NV watch, right?

i’m sited here wondering wtf is sited?:D:D:D:D

Precisely but it’s never going dry, it will flow like River Euphrates. That I promise.

Damn daddy!..It’s wet already

I suggest we keep it wet.