Valentine with a Hezbollah lady near death experience (True Story)

(Long read)

I lived in Beirut, Lebanon for almost 6 years, working with UNHCR.

After 2 years, nkaona I needed to look for a girlfriend. So I got a hot Ethiopian. She didn’t speak an iota of English. Apparently, the free sex was not so free after all. I was supposed to pay 50$ per night. I didn’t mind as she was hot as fuck. Damn hot Ethiopians.

Nkaona this won’t work after 6 months of good service.

I moved to a Filipino. She was so sweet and well-round. She would suck my dick mpaka naimba National Anthem in sheng. Then Boom!! kumbe she was 50 years.

These Filipinas hawakai wazee coz they are very short. Ukiona passport ndio unashtuka.

So, I decided to date a Lebanese. She was the most beautiful lady I have ever seen. Nour was her name. She had long black lovely hair and she was a virgin. I dreamt of deflowering her kila siku.

In 2018, she invites me to Baalbeck, in the Bekaa Valley to meet her family. The Bekaa Valley is a stronghold of Hizballah. Then they saw, I was black. Kila kitu ikaharibika.

I was invited into the house, and for 1 hour no one talked to me. They just looked at me like I was a goat that had wings.

After 1 hour, of them staring at me and offering no water or tea; the dad woke up from his seat and said he wanted to go hunting. His 3 sons shout happily that they also would like to go hunting. They invite me to join them.

These are men that fought ISIS in Syria and are Hizballah Brigade. I knew i would be the hunted. I decline and jumped into the car and drove fast from Bekaa.

Kifo because of Kuma is not worth it; I told myself. I wonder where Nour is now?

Hii hekaya umeiua mapema.

Mundu Mulosi Kweli kabisa… Ameua hekaya mapema. Hata bado haijatambaa, haijatembea… Elders, Curse this boy

:D:D Hii part is too humorous


:D:D:D:D Lakini uko na roho mujamaa

Jamaa ubatomba mtoto ya Nasrallah unafikiri atakuwacha uhai?

Good hekaya mkubwa :smiley:

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@Mzee Kobe Mjinga i imagine in real life your name is a clear description of you…

Hekaya haiwezi tolewa manyoya. Akisema alienda wapi unaona.
P. S you choose wisely to decline a hunting trip.

:D:D:D Aljazeera news" a Kenyan man dies in an hunting accident in Lebanon, Al nusri and his sons recall the incident; we were hunting together, when he tripped over a rock and fell onto his short gun, which in turn blew his brains off…He was a really good man"


That lady wouldn’t have taken you for an intro and even if that happened you would be dead, you hear ddddeeeeaaaaadddddd, they would have followed all the back to Kenya if necessary kubafff

This also almost happened to me with some south Sudanese girl who I was stealing to bang in late 2009. I went kwa in a place called Bor! I almost died that day…




but hao ni moderates wale wazito haunge toka hapo, ungeenda na mizinga za Jameson muanze kukata watulie
but wewe ni falaa unaenda ku hunt kwa desert nini ? mimi hujua arab world yote ni desert kubwa

Omufumbuzi kazi yako ni kutomba mbuzi?

hata sketch?

Mimi si wa Central.