Valentine in Abraham's empire : starter pack wife is nowhere in the picture

Poor starter pack wife. You hustled with him kuomoka he married the woman he really wanted but couldn’t afford. Wewe ukavumilia tuu never left but if polygamy works why doesn’t the man have a single photo of you on his social media pages? Where were you on Valentine’s day? Team anzeni life from scratch and build together see what happens to women who build men.

Need a little background here? Is that a man and his 1st wife?
Also do Kenyans really believe in valentine? It’s nothing but a commercial holiday in the west. A day to sell flowers. There’s two such holidays. Valentines and Halloween. Halloween is to sell masks and costumes to kids.

Utapata hiyo first wife kijana akihustle yeye alikua Tu anadeenywer nje like a slut na mnadharau mbaya sana , as I know men they are loyal to a woman who truly stood with them .hizi takataka za kulia ohhh Jamaa nilisimama nayeye get the story from the man and you will understand Chenye alipitia in that kusimama na yeye . Majority of women shouting online how they helped the man ni trash seeking sympathy while they tortured the man badly kupeana SIM 1 na 2 Jamaa akihustle na akavumilia Tu coz atado nini na hio Dio coomer readily available ata kama inamangwa.
I hear this stories from mem with second wives . Kwanza my cousin alioa Sura ngum second wife to make his point clear .



His second wife while the starter pack is at home taking care of the kids.