Vaccine types associated with #diedsuddenly ?

Are there specific vaccin types that are known to be producing more #diedsuddenly cases then others ?

Are there vaccine types that are known to be NOT producing #diedsuddenly cases

What vaccine type did most fools that took covid vaccine in .ke take ?

Idiot detected

Do a research and have it published. Remember to share your findings…

  1. All mRNA based vaccines…
  2. No, non-mRNa vaccines could be safer but who knows… Insufficient clinical trials, no long term safety data
  3. The most administered vaccine in Kenya is astra zeneca

Iyo astra zeneka ni MRN ama

Panic detected, you probably took the poison

Not possible, the #diedsuddenly information is being restricted and suppressed vilivio

Looks like it isn’t

Which vaccine should those who have had a first dose of AstraZeneca take for their second shot?

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With Canada’s National Advisory Committee on Immunization (NACI) announcing on Tuesday it’s safe and effective to choose a different vaccine for a second dose, many of the 500,000 Quebecers who took AstraZeneca are trying to figure out their better option: stick with it, or use one of the mRNA vaccines (Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna)?


Are fools that took multiple shots and boosters more susceptible to #diedsuddenly ?

Arroorr took ile ya Russia. Might rikki g be taking over soon?

There was a very sad occurrence, after J&J vaccine were stopped in murica for causing blood clots, Kenya took them in as donations.

Viral vector na chimpanzee biomaterials kwa umbali.

Don’t worry, you can die of anything anytime. The vaccines were not deliberately made to kill, it’s just that it was done in a hurry and the side effects were not well studied

I beg to differ, the lead promoter of the deadly poison who has also invested heavily in the pharmaceutical industry is a well known eugenicist

If you took the jab anza kujipanga mapema, I know we shall all die but now it is clear what will kill most of us…kama ni will andika mapema, if you are religious perform all the cleansing rituals and wait to meet your maker…the died suddenly isn’t fake news btw it is being super suppressed not to cause panic but watu wanaanguka everywhere…luwere nyasaye akhulinde

Hii #Diedsuddenly ndo current movement ama? Alafu ni yues tu wananyuria mbona?

Clinical name ni SADS, "Sudden arrhythmic death syndrome" na si yues pekee, hapa Kenya wamenyuria wengi

Markings of a Scientist…

Hmmmm. Sounds farfetched but , ok

@magreb ako wapi when we need his degree?