"Vaccine" passport



Last time I checked, you can crawl the MoH vaccination registration portal by appending four random characters after the /.

We are lucky some restrictions placed upon us were lifted. Other countries are worse off. This covid vaccine issue seems will be the spring board to launch folk into.a brave new world. Where big brother has been waiting.

@Palladium, that post you deleted was just on point.

The kind of data being collected will catch many folk offside. What has immunisation gotbto do with crime and finance, gender id, previous opinion about the vaccine, and a whoe lot of other data?

Folk are being encouraged to do stuff and later AI itanasa nao mpaka washagae.




Ukisema crawl unamaanisha?

Surveillance and control. Na bado hawajaanza central Bank digital currencies (CBDCs). Governments will be tracking you everywhere

A web crawler is an automated script to browse websites. In this case, the crawler iterates through 5 random charcters appended to the URL and stores hits into a text file.

Nomad Capitalist on YouTube has answers to all your worries, kama wewe ni birrionea.

Speak simple English…in this case utapata data ya wasee wameshakuwa vaccinated ama?

Yes, as hackers say: All yo data is belong to me.