V cold cells

So they are planning to Arrest Baba !

Hapo sawa wacha moto iwake sasa malaya ya 20 bob

Hicho kimtu kinataka kiishie jela for maximum bloodshed by his goons. The demagogue should be ignored while any of his cows bringing violence is delt with thoroughly.

Goons whore goons burned kiambaa church , whore goons looted uhuru’s sheep’s pale Northland . Goons are allocating birrions on luxury as kina @Sambamba suffer food shortages and high cost of living. Goons are globetrotting instead of solving problems facing Kenyans , whore @ranny goons kids are lecturing kenyans on sausage kachumbari business with their foreheads instead of shutting up like Jimmy kibaki and konyangis child . Only goons child’s are mouthy like you their whore , chalin and M7 juvenile. Uza coomer bila kupayuka payuka vitu hujui