Uzo Zane

@Uzo posted an earlier screenshot that was not cropped , revealing his email address to be [email protected]. Now aside from having a transgender name that is undoubtedly only given by homosexual dads, the name Zane is very close to @zayn which is one of the @Dr. Kerre(PhD) group of handles. You know this actually makes sense. @Tauren came from nowhere and started insulting me every single day yet I had never had an altercation with me. Kumbe he had a problem with me revealing his theatrics

Its not like you have a choice Mrs Zane Kamau who was birthed anally and who had gay parents

Were both your parents men? Be honest

Kepee @Jimit mara ngapi nitakukumbusha ubadilishe handle? Ona sasa unajichekesha halafu unapiga kifua ati high IQ

:D:D:D:D:D:D:D if its funny its funny.

So then why have you not sued your parents yet mista… should I call you mista?

@uwesmake ashamalissa kumwaga njoti inanuka meffi ya kuku kwa mcoondoo yako?

John Ndirangu nashuku ni motokubwa

Hapana haribia mzito Jina,mimi sio a petty thief Wala drug dealer

Zane Kamau @Uzo nunua hio Oppo Reno8T sio kabaya

@Uzo ni conman na bottom faggot, my pal @PHARMACY can attest to this

rudi kwa blocklist umbwa hii. I’ve been doing my best to ignore you



Tis the faggot con that has blocked me

:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D @Uzo

Damn it. That is my face. Oh I’m so embarassed I’ll ask the admin to ban you. Bad people you.

Look, you people are idiots. I have an I.Q of 153. No way I can be that careless.

Conman tumekupata

Jamaaa inavaaa durag kama homosexual

Na si ni homosexual. He has made so many homosexual comments on this site that no other person has made. He was trying to mask his homosexuality for trolling kumbe ni real homo

Wacheni this stories please