Uzo Zane

@admin @Electronics4u faggots tunajua mko kwa kitanda na hii gaidi Zane aka @Uzo @AliExpress @WaweruAnthony @Village Grandpa kutuibia. Lazima ijulikane @Jimit leta majina ya huyu jagili

Ulichukua ile screenshot yake? Amedelete thread tena. He’s a very fragile fool despite is constant heap of insults, boy cannot sustain heat for even a minute. Wewe @Uzo aka Zane Kamau aka @zayn , I beseech you to come here right now and explain to elders why you were raised by two homosexual dads and why they named you a very homosexual name

Admin anapewa mkia

And why @administrator na @Electronics4u na @Mundu Mulosi Bs Ms Ma PhD and ScD become his faggots

Noo. Yeye ndo amedelete thread mwenyewe uyo @Uzo . Story ya admin wachana nayo for now we want to know why @Tauren aka @Uzo was named Zane Kamau by his parents, who it happens were both men


Zane Kamau fagget!!!

I will be honest with you. Sue your parents. What they did to you transcends every violation known to humanity. It does not matter whether you were raised by two homosexuals dads who pooped you to birth, no child deserves to be named Zane Kamau. Zane Kamau is a transgender name and I strongly suggest you start taking your hormonal therapy.

Ati Zane Kamau was pooped to birth by his two homosexual dads. Kijiji namalisa mimi:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Just retire this handle Mr. Kamau. Next time ukipost screenshots make sure you edit out anything that might doxx you.

Look at that. They really named this poor fellow after a porn novelist. This poor bastard @Uzo had already been traumatized before he was birthed, which apparently was through the anus. This explains why the boy spends his days over here insutling people. I mean if I was named Zane Kamau and was raised by two homosexual dads I would spend my time punching walls.

The irony :smiley:

So @uzo= @Tauren = @crossfire = @zayn = @grandpa = @Lecturer are one and the same?
I always believe tauren was just a depressed lowlife faggot kumbe the guy is also a criminal conman. Doesn’t get as lowlife as that @Uzo . Just kill yourself ghaseer

I don’t even understand what you idiots are talking about. I made a post explaining how @wareru Anthony once tried to con me.

Who the fuck names their kid Zane Kamau? Yaani wazazi wako walikua wanakuchukia videadly mpaka wakaamua tu wakuite Zane Kamau ata kabla uzaliwe? And where exactly did you develop while on your homosexual dad’s womb??

Ni kama nilipitwa. Mr John alisema aje??

he tried conning me a few weeks ago. I made a post about it, but then this idiot @Ngimanene na matharo, who I blocked a long time ago, has got comprehension problems and didn’t even understand what I was saying. Hence this retarded thread. The faggot cannot grasp basic grammar. The only thing he can say is “nusa udunge unyambe.”

Mimi sielewi hii mambo yenu. Acha niondokee.

hehe kuna kitu sielewe, i thought Tauren was exposing some thief in that thread. nini inaendelea

Zane Kamau unataka kulia sasa