Uwesmakende The Navy Seal

I told you guys that @uwesmake nde is a fraud.He calls himself a Navy seal na alifkuzwa kwa preliminaries za recruitment.
He is currently a mbilikimo doing a very serious business selling kumbekumbe in western.[ATTACH=full]303879[/ATTACH]

Kusema ukweli, huyo recruiter, what would he be checking for on that Kurutus lower leg?


Flat feet disqualify you from serving in the forces.

Jidinye takataka


They don’t want the enemy to find you flat footed.

Why so ?

Reminds me of this chap ! Alifikiria recruitment ina fanywa kwa PS Call Of Duty


They claim it’s because combat boots have curved soles so your feet need to be curved as well but that’s just BS. Just like the teeth, scars and tattoos rule it’s a way of cutting numbers because not everyone can be recruited.

What is ‘flat feet’?