Uwesmakende spotted


Hehehe. Hiyo ni ukweli mtupu

:D:D:D:D if she named one of the kids as clichy this would be more authentic


11 na anataka 22 ? Literally ajo half time.

She looks older than her age :smiley:

Uzazi sio mzaha

Wacha wazae we need more cheap labour cooks watchmen even lanyes

Assuming she started popping them out at 14 that is one every 17.4 months - slightly under one and a half years. With each gestation nine months it is roughly/on average 8 months between pregnancies. Ingine ni uchinga na u-jigger kwa akili.

Tumekubali hizi zingine but Lanyes sio wengi, sahau. that is your mothers forte

Why 22 and not any other number?

:D:Dmbona akumuambia akifungua miguu?

Two soccer teams.