Uwesmakende ancestors


Scarification of the stomach area is also done in Benin.In this case the men get the scars.But then again maybe it was both ways like fgm and circumsicion.
Which may further provide proof of Niger-Congo
I presume the tools on their shoulders are farm tools,and the clean shaved heads may indicate iron working.
The clothing isn’t decent but by the way Europeans tell history you’d think we were tree jumping people/lived in trees.

What story can you pick from the picture.

Kuosha mecho is a lie. These are the same same people.

True there has been little to no change in how the bukusu look,other than lightskin ones.Phenotype of all African communities was dark originally.
Chifu mbitika ancestors
I have to say I like their adornments.foreheads bado ziko[ATTACH=full]299735[/ATTACH]

The Gumba/Khoi/Ndorobo people tend to have a fair complexion and those are older than most Bantu communities that came along later.

Fgm among Bantus also came through interaction with Cushitic communities.
Besides that, I’m liking this conversation.

These are Kisiis performing craniotomies before mzungu came through. While they were still thinking that presence of germs is a theory, Abagusii had this on lock.

Bana mbona waweke wanyanya nude siwangeweka kina Naliaka kienyeji kitu ya 14 years

This is killing the man or turning him into cabbage. maybe the recurring headache was just because of malaria or a tumor. The watch on the doctor’s hand tells you that this is recent.

I hear your concerns on the watch. The rest of your questionts are assumptions.

So let’s take it even further back. Have a look at this successful C Section on Bunyore in the late 1870’s(before silver wristwatches were common), when women in Europe and US had an almost 100 percent chance of dying of performed.[ATTACH=full]299778[/ATTACH]

Breasts were not considered private parts in the African communities in the past.

Young unmarried girls were not allowed to pose infront of cameras in those times.