Uwesmakeism AKA Ushoga


Hawa wote ni mashoga. Pia yule Willy Paul ni shoga.

Tf is going on

I need a drink before i understand this crap

These motherswivers just hide behind gospel and we assume they are upright people…uliona vile DkKwenye Herpes na HopeKid walikula dem combi huko kwa Xtian Dela stories.

Hahaha aah… ati dk kwenye herpes?

Obviously their accounts were hacked? People get get hacked all the time.

Of course. Even Trump already conceded elections, it’s just that some nigga hacked his account

Wacha sleepy joe gåyden akule kiapo. Hizi faggot will come out in full force in their regalia from the closet. Those devilcrat will shove those despicable down our throat.
God have mercy on us.

Clout semi finals

surely ata kama ni clout chasing does it or should it go all the way down to such faggotry(if there is such a word).