Uwesmake, Panyaste & Mzimamtu

Happy New Year twende twende to all my frens, haters, associates and mashabik. Hii ingekuwa ka post twende but new year new tings. Consolidation of posts . Ama namna gani my frens?

Pesa ikiisha kila mtu arude kwao R Kelly style. Just ask Sonko, siku hizi rafiki ni Bibi, Osinya and Family na watoto wake wakina Saumu. Anyone want to see Sonko fika Upper Hill office. You will likely be the only visitor. When pesa is otas remember that it’s not you who is Otas, it’s the monies ohhh (with a Naija twang). I’ve always wanted to have an accent, but I only fancy the South African one and the Naija one. Which don’t impress Kenyans. So anyway, twende twende inanipeleka poa. Loving it so far. Never a dull day in this paradise I call my mother land. Kieleweke wameamua kitaeleweka who is in the driver’s seat. And tanga tanga are really going to tanga tanga now as they become political orphans. In Kenya money, power and respect is the key to political dominance in that order. Something Tanga tanga orphanage is about to discover very soon. Kenyans don’t want fellow hustlers leading them, for can the blind lead the blind? Only a one eye man is king in the land of the blind. The hustler clamour will fall apart very soon. To R Kelly, Sonko and Tangatanga my new year dedication is this song from crooner Nina Simone


Sasa kweli R Kelly, hata kama you were molested as a child and your momma took 5 grand to drop charges for the elderly man who molested you. Kweli huu ni ungwana? There is now even a sex tape with a 6 year old. Huyu jamaa akae tuu jela Sasa.

If you haven’t season 2 R Kelly the reckoning, you need to. This woman is the one who finished any shred of compassion I had for R Kelly. Huyu mtu hata he is now a role model wa shetani. So painful.


Ameziidi though Panyaste and that bloody Mzimamtu, mikono zimejaa damu ya watoto wake. And he has now graduated from a mass abortionist to a child molester. Boss God hates hands that shed innocent blood. And which blood is more innocent than the one in the womb? FYI killing your children does not mean you are not a father. It just means that you are a father of children murdered at the hands of the man who should be protecting them.Usipotubuu utakua kama Cain. You and your future offspring will be vagabonds on the face of the earth. A mere mortal can not mock his Maker. God can also abort you from the face of the earth. Kwa nini akuhurumia kama wewe huhurumi watoto wako? Sikulaani but hio njia iache huu mwaka kindly, shetani anakukondolea macho bcz wewe ni muuuaji of the worst kind.

Panyaste avoid molesting minors and posting their photos here. Incase mamako hakukufunza utafunzwa na ulimwengu. Utapatikana ukatwe na kuchomwa mob justice style. If not utakua Bibi ya Joey Kamiti Max. As usual fom ni kureform. It’s a new special year a new decade. Nani acha a na watoto, afadhali uwe shoga kama Wana wake wameku bore but it’s still illegal bcz Kenya is a God fearing country.

Uwesmake and your team avoid rapping unconscious women. We can not sit here and pretend like you are not the criminals raping unconscious women who should be behind bars like 15 years ago. Last year muliona 2 young men below 25 go to jail for gang rape. They had a bright future but no self control. The Bible says a man without self control is like a ship with out a radar. Meaning it’s just a matter of time before it sinks like the Titanic. Sasa watu wamezoea made, warembo, international acclaim, will be splashing grass, kuchunishwa skuma, kumangwa na bedbugs na chawa, kuenda Choo kwa bucket for 15 years. Do you know how long 15 years is in Kenyan jail. It’s an eternity literally.
What does it say about you when a woman can’t stand you unless she swallows copious volumes of mind altering substance. I hear that alcohol makes ugly people very beautiful but in your case it’s impossible and that’s why mwanamke anakunywa pombe hadi achew blackout coz . Avoid these nepharious activities coz wewe na hio mdomo utakufia jela kama mende kabla mwezi iishe. My advice to you and your mbogi is please visit a mortician ile pesa munalewesha nayo Wana wake buying Michael Jackson alcohol hadi wa black out, pea mortician awaitie mwili ikija mujibambe till rigor mortis sets in. Since yall love screwing unconscious women but can’t afford Samantha. It’s still a crime desecration of a human corpse but few years compared to drugging a woman till she’s unconscious. As Hessy says, before akuwekee wanted, fom ni kureform. Admin pia ww ureform, let kiriminos keep their nepharious activities huko dark web. Gang rapes of unconscious women, child porn and where to procure abortions and homosexual activities hukooo mbali. Sio huku. We do not want to be partakers of criminal activities in the name of freedom of speech for perverted minds here. ChifuMbitika it is a crime to disturb women when you are such a broke ass, that ukiona bill unapata seizure bcz the only thing that you can support is the roaches in your bed sitter. Please stick to your lane and log off ktalk utafute sponyo kama kukuwa mwanaume imekushinda.


Let’s all reform this year guys. Huu mwaka una Baraka Tele but before God does His part we must do ours. Donge?

For those of you Njanuary Christians saa hii munaimba…


But Dec ulikuwa pale Casaurina shamba LA nyege ukiimba… Chop my monie, I DON’T CARE


Mungu anakuona. Ngoja Feb ifike utasahau God uwe Casanova Tena. Wewe!

Haya kwa wale bado muko kwa ulingo wa kunongonezeana in twende twende, follow these rules. Don’t ask me what kunongonezeana means, ulikuwa wapi wengine waki watch Jicho Pevu. Wale tunaenda retire nitaweka yetu before Easter hatuna haraka.

The Rules for dating in twende twende


On to more important matters, let’s all help bring General Double M back home. Passport angoa. The General is a citizen of Kenya. All he needs is an ID. Or even a birth certificate. If IEBC cleared him for Gubernatorial seat before he surrendered his Canadian citizenship Bas wamkubali aingie bila hio passport. We need the guy back like last year bwana. What do you mean Oguna(in a Luo accent). Let’s take a walk down memory lane shall we?


Wah! It must be twende twende if I had forgotten MGTOW. Mendez Going Their Own Way preferably to be alfa mails at ChifuMbitikas bed sitter where he supports them with left over omenas. Last and less than least. Mgtow watch this movie and gimme ideas about starting my own cult. Ubaya women are not stupid enough to buy into mgtow and red peel like propaganda. Anyway this my gift to you in the new year. Enjoy


:D:D:D:D:D happy new year Makena, nimecheza tu chini vile ni january

Welcome back oooh…ebu ile storo ya a teacher killed in Ukambani? pls

Siwes Soma hio scroll yote after a long day.

Stop trying so hard to make friends. :D:D

We all know you are a bitch.

But you were cut down to size.

Your dear friends @uwesmake , @Motokubwa na @Nefertities wanakungoja hivi. Uchapwe sweep tena uanze kuita administrator akufungie handle.

I think I am in Europe now after reading this thread

Yep, can’t agree any more. Find her to be a whining bitch

umezeeka but ni mafii umejaza kwa kichwa

I thought you two have a common denominator-mzito trump?

Are you both not in Western first world? Why hate?

@truman Capote welcome back ma’am. And happy new year to you too.

Unanyonya? Acha umama. Unaangusha wazee

Rkelly is our legend for the next 1 million years fuck the gold diggers wapewe golden showers


12 play nilikuwa naskia 90s nikiwa mtoi


Mundial, najua ni ile thread ya shemales inaleta zogo. :D:D:D

Si lakini umesema mara mingi that you like trannies/shemales ?

You hate homos but your dream in life is to one day go to Bangkok and bang a shemale…:rolleyes::rolleyes:

That makes you very g.ay uncle @uwesmake .

You are a very ga.y man.

And Truman here is my latest artist who I think you will like …Celeste…voice of bbc like Adele and Ellie Goulding before her…good to have you back…na hiyo risto ya ukambani harakisha


So @Mzee mzima fuarks you ehe?!

Wapi summary?


@mobi unlike you,I got some little manners that I do choose to use once in a while. The title ma’am is respectful and I used it as such. Oh,na wazee huwa respectful.

Can you call your girlfriend ma’am?