Uwesmake demanding love from his husband Motokubwa


Seen here is Uwesmake herself or himself, whichever comes first. Amesema pussy yake imeonekana all over the planet, imebaki apelekee aliens


That one talking bass has p.ussy? Jeezoz

1 Hour 43 Minutes kwani ni movie tunaona?

:D:D:D:D maliza hio ghasia homosexual @uwesmake

This is massacre. Nimecheka, nimemhurumia … people go through shit… yaani mpaka @uwesmake anaenda choo livelive to prove how the guy has destroyed his bottoms…:D:D:D:D Evening made

 :D:D:D:D:DFinish lichoti kabisa

Used to have a dick, underwent surgery to remove dick and put a replacement. So @Motokubwa has either been smashing @Bottoms ya @uwesmake or “replacement”. That oga boy will never walk again with his head held high. Destroyed completely…

:D:D:D:D…kwanza when talking in Zimbabwean… I was dead!!!

I can bet with my life we only have one GAý couple hapa ktalk

Am sorry am I supposed to know who you are?


What the fwerk is going on here?

This made me laugh the whole morning

while itching for @poyoloko dick deep inside your wrinkled asshole,eh!!!;?