Uwesmake amepata compe from another talker. Pictures attached for Ebrufication.

Baba ya hawa watoi will be opening his own school in 5 years tops.


It seems @uwesmake will be dethroned from his dream of getting 30 children by the time he is 50.

:D:D:D but they are just seven children

@digi anafanya nini hapo na suti

@Abba is the tallest one among them.

From one woman. Ako na wengine from his side chicks.

Those families usually have very successful children. Hii Ingine ya moja wawili zinakuwanga walevi tu na watu confidence kidogo sana.

And He works as a fulltime watchman pale Paper mill Webuye, sometimes part times in the village Baraza’s talking about national politics and how mulembe nation should be respected.

Kumbe pia wewe uliwa spot? Hii ilikuwa dec last year.


:D:D:D @Sambamba akiona hii atapiga Waafrika sweeps kali sana

:D:D:D… Heheee

Kitambo yes, siku hizi nayo ni ngumu. By the way millionnaires wa sahi majority came from a very poor background, wengi walitoka ghetto, slums…ocha kule ndani kabisa.

And most of them had many siblings. They might not necessarily be poor though.

:D:D Malisa huyu humbwar wa kimilili.

Hehe … @Moses Abuyeka mwenyewe :smiley:



Attention, pamperism na senti za madhe hapa inanyunyiziwa na drip ndo kila mtoi apate angalau kidogo. Kila mmoja anaappreciate ako man solo akiwa mchanga.

Ati Just seven? That means 4 loaves of bread for breakfast and a Toyota hiace if going out as a family.

:D:D:D here is the family

Here are the sidechicks…