Uweskende younger brother arrested

Police in Shinyalu, Kakamega arrest 37-year-old man, Patrick Milimu, for stealing, slaughtering and storing neighbour’s cow in his house with the intention of eating the meat alone gradually. [ATTACH=full]302409[/ATTACH]

The crime was stealing the cow. Whatever he did afterwards with it is irrelevant.

What he did was murder with attempt

Ati what?! Murder with attempt!? Punguza pombe ndugu

Am sure he first raped the Defenseless cow then butchered it

Hauwezi chinja ngombe mzima bila the required inspection. Ngombe si kuku.

Someone is publicly sharing his sick fetish

@dingoo_wa_ingoo mbona uliiba huyo ng’ombe?

Not necessarily, a Maasai can slaughter his cow without an inspection.

But that can only be done in very remote areas. Karibu na town utashikwa.

ngamia lala shenzi

Takataka shoga lalisha kinyambis after kuipeana usiku mzima!


Murder with intent, 1st degree murder:D:D