Uwes Arrested: Census 2019 2

Kakamega County,
Lugari sub county,
Turbo police station.

Subject - Drunkenness by Census Enumerator: Ref Mwamba police post OB entry No. 7/23/8/2019 at 1505 hrs. It has been reported by the OCPP, Cpl Charles Amonde, that a census Enumerator namely CELSSO AGINGA ID No. 28563715, employed by KNBS in Lugari sub county at Sossian village which is his area of operation, marking houses in readiness for the exercise starting on 24/8/2019, when he apparently got too drunk to the extent of falling in a shallow stream with the Enumerator’s gadget serial No. 3708020301015EA which got water logged. He was rescued by village elders and escorted to the post so as to prevent theft or loss of the crucial gadget. As a result he has been placed in cells so as to sober up since he is said to be totally drunk and incapable. The gadget safely kept in the armoury. Case PUI.

:D:D:D Elders wangecheza chini . huyo Ni kijana wao

:D:D Yaani training allowance ndio imepeleka jamaa mbio hivi. He couldn’t wait for the other pay at the end of the exercise…

Before the exercise is over tutaskia vituko, hope no one will die

Naona tukifungiwa kwa bar leo alaf Mane akifunga tutasahau tu tucelebrate tujipate na huko Bamburi police station
Liverpool 3 arsenal 1

Many of those gadgets will go missing mysteriously before and after.

sanasana hapo kwa after


The thirst is real.

No worder the enumerator job was to be given to serious public officers, youths will mess this exercise.

2 out of 135000!? Thats not an excuse to victimise youths

This exercise should have been assigned to teachers between 45-60 years. And mostly women. These young guys will just do a shoddy job.

Just wait !

tunaendelea tu…no tuthiete…more is coming…

Anko, hats MTU akikunya, huyaficha mafwi…

@uwesmake, njoo utabiri ushindi wa Liverpool … 1:0