Utorrent not downloading

Am I the only one experiencing this? My Utorrent is not downloading stuff from thepiratebay. Kindly advice.

uko safcom? Hawa maghasia ni kama wameblock

Haikosi nyinyi ndo wale wa Saf Unlimted 4G. Wameeblock torrents pole maze

Torrenting on Safaricom == Swinging on a rocking chair making engine noises with your mouth. You’re going absolutely nowhere.

do this enda pale udownload cyberghost vpn utafte crack and you are good to go

Thanks. Let me try this out.

Mnatumia hii unlimited mwitu ya saf:D:D:D

Already downloaded couple of movies na maseries through IDM sasa ni kuchill ka boss :cool::cool: sijisumbui na shida ndogo ndogo za torrents

Piratebay past few day imekuwa na mashida

lakini Utorrent ni umeffi

unatumia site gani ku download?

what do you use to download torrents?

Enda kwa gugu type “index of” followed by name of movie or series alafu select your preferred resolution, click and let IDM do what it does best :cool:


Kwanza mimi huwa na pirate radio station hapo kwa channels. Trap, bass and electro mimi hucheza sana

MacOs bei ya jioni ni ngapi?
Ni kamacbook Mzee Ile 13inch.
Sijui version ya OS ni gani

Use premium torrent caching sites like zbigz or bytebx. Plus such sites allow download of torrent using IDM.


“lakini Utorrent ni umeffi”
I left it for tixati. You can even ran it from a flash disk

I love this one.