utilizing a 216sq mtr

what the best floor area size to put up on such a size of a plot
cc @Wakanyama @IPDEV

212sq mtrs

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It depends on so many factors…

  • Allowed plot ratio in the area
    -Allowed plot coverage in the area
    -Building line regulations in the area
    -Orientation and size of the neighbouring buildings
    -The actual dimensions of the plot in terms of ratio of length to width.

Could you possibly send me the Google Maps coordinates?


Hehe… Biraru patia NV kazi. Amejitetea sana.

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he he atatuma coordinates apate mbuloti ishauzwa huko gakuyo real estate


In simple english priss

Okay…basically local authority building regulations plus the shape of your plot and how your neighbours have positioned their houses.


Mambo digital!

that was fast from an nv to v…that aside, lets go with the assumption no regulations at the moment, bora we meet the basic standards of a building.shape is rectangular approx 18by12mtrs.

Ok, I’d advise 151 sq metres GFA (Ground floor area). The rest is just sufficient for lighting, ventilation, circulation and services (parking, septic tank and soakaway).

Good. Working with 151 sq mtrs in mind, how many bedrooms (good size) would a floor take?

3-4 Bedrooms


Depends on your preferences on auxiliary spaces. Like separate SH/WC, pantry, porch, lobby, dining area, study room etc.

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If this is a flat, you can fit per floor:

  1. Four very small 1 Bedroom units @40sqm
  2. Two small size 2 bedroom units @ 75-80sqm
  3. One Three/Four bedroom unit @ 130 - 150sqm
  4. Six studio apartments @ 22.5 sqm

@Randy anaeza saidia hapa.

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I would rather he provides a picture of the site. as stated above there many factors at play that relate site conditions determines how efficiently your can use your space.

The site is a rectangle, with a road on one width while the lengths border other unused sites(not mine). Does that paint a sketch

Siueke mbisha, unadhania kuna mtu ataiba kiwanja yako?

My advice is get an architect take him to site na umpee za macho that’s the only way you will get your answer…once you decide am always here.