Ladies and Gents, its monday and kama kawa its boring even up in here.let me amsha kijiji with this uthoni and whole dowry issue.Sasa mimi nimeamua last saturday to go to my wifeys folks nikaseme niko na mbuzi yao.mind you we’ve been together three years from dating two to cohabiting one.The plan all along was to first and foremost decide we want to be together,then visit them and get the dowry sorted.First up was to know the home,“kumenya mucii” in greek, second visit will be “kuhanda ithigi na kuracia” all in a day.its very possible if you have wazee in your team that know their roots.i do. Like the kikuyu man i am,i respect tradition and carry my fathers and pia kiondo ya wamama by afew women to deliver the message. My in laws are kiuks too so language isnt a barrier. What we have prepared is something small for knowing the home,for wazee and for wamama. Firstly, we are told we have a fine to pay for staying with their daughter without their knowledge .i realise even though ive been visiting them on numerous occasions with goodies,hio hawatambui. Thats fine,we agree and wekelea 20k on the table,its the fine they asked.next we are tol kujua home ni 10k,hio pia tunatoa.wazee wa muhiriga pia wako area na wanadai haki yao,5k iko,wamama pia wanadai ati moshi na kuni manenos pia yao 5k iko. After all that, we request for “kirira” or advice on the way forward according to their customs.we are told of an impending list to be put down by wazee for our ruracio next time.my mzee agrees to it and officially i am accepted. Now wanakijiji, im curious hii list wataandika probox am roto tank ama fresian ya litre 40 ama nini. She’s from Nyeri. Andu ya nyumba na pia wazee wote wamepitia hii manenos, ebu tuelimishane.how was your experience and how did you reach a consensus when handling some of those insane demands. its an important process and regardless of different traditions we all know “igitunyuo mwan niikagirio mungu” .asanteni


its such a good post to me coming at the right time am planning kujua kwao home this coming Saturday

Good step…lakini zoea kuweka paragraph…

Kwanza you will have to ‘pay’ any thermos she has ever broken. A tank also, now that you have taken their ‘mtu wa kuchota maji’. But all in all, there are some wazees who arent so demanding.
A cousin married from a very wealthy family in Karatina. When my uncle and old friends went to pay ruracio, the bride’s father gave the couple the 200k that was paid. He said that the couple need the money more than him.


It is really simple.
Muiritu endagio uria nyina aguriruo.
That is the true Greek tradition.
So kama mzee hakupeleka prombox na wewe usiitishwe.
Again the spirit of the ceremony sio kukutoanisha.
Uthoni ni Kiara gitathira.
So you take what you can now, and the balance has no deadlines.
Just make sure you keep records and a good ledger.

Dude, hiyo ya kwanza tosha…usiende tena kupeleka dowry juu utakuwa watuma kakitu now and then. JUST KIDDING, PAY NIGGA!!:smiley:

Akia miwacho ja ot!:wink:

Bachelor milele kama hivi ndio kuko. Hiyo pesa naweza invest kwa t-bill ya sirkal.

Shida tupu.

:D:D:D:D:D You never disappoint

Good one. I Love learning about other cultures

Very simple “Muiritu endagio uria nyina aguriruo” but also ask your girl to manage their expectations…

very rare gesture if they r kiuks, and even if they are rich how.

kara in ga nyar kanye, nyako ni, nyaka dhog onagi ingeyo

This is non negotiable. What you do is play with the values. The standard maruta is 100 Mbuzi for a kuk lady, which can be given any value, eg 1000-10000 each depending on how greedy your in-laws are.

There’s no standard in these things. Whatever is practiced in One area, family, clan, division or county doesn’t necessarily apply anywhere else. There are families who give their daughters with minimal drama and there are others who take the whole process as a means to generate wealth for the clan.

You need to take advantage of time. For example the dowry is set at 300k. Pay 100k now and wait for 15 years to clear the 200k. By then the value of 200k will have gone so low that you can only buy 2 black mamba bikes with that amount. Uko sorted. Thank me latter.

This makes perfect sense. After the initial visit, don’t be in a rush to go pay the arrears. Wait for considerable time to elapse.
Ps.If you meet the stubborn ones who think the daughter is an investment.

mos nyathiwa. just educating each other on the rituals of getting a wife and encouraging the young man @Fire-Trak by telling him he has made good steps…