Utawezana Broke Ass Men Edition


What is your obsession with broke men?

She got misused by one. Rather abit obvious. Let her be

A broke ass can’t even smell my fart. That’s how far I keep my distance. Any man I’ve dated is a mogul. Broke asses nawaonanga tuu kwa social media. I am seriously allergic. Gosh! Yuk!

Ulidinywa na Katana the beach boy after amekubaia madafu akakupatia twins akaku dump because of your smelly cunt sasa you are bitter as hell shut your blunt beak.

Moguls dont have time for wrinkled old post wall pussies which have seen a fair share of shudren passing thru them,both alive and aborted.Moguls only chase young pre wall tail yenye haija zaa na ku abort.

Broke ass men…blah blah blah…tuko wengi…Lets talk about broke ass women…ama hakuna…juu booty+urembo uongeze pu c=mo money…

one woman’s mogul is another woman’s broke ass

Nobody cares about women’s money or lack there of except who??? Broke ass men.

By the way si uanze kuuza hii herbal ya Corona. I can get you customers Lakini cut yangu iwe kubwa. Say no to misoto. Nairobi here money is every Wea ni we uko na jokes boss. Achana na upussy utafute ganji b4 hii ugonjwa iishe.


From what I have been seeing women in Kenya dating. Trust me. They’re moguls. Sijadate Beach grandad, I don’t give men money at all. Maybe in my entire life I have spent less than 20k on men and not anyone I dated only watu wako na mashida but only if God talks to me to help them. Meanwhile zenye nimeingiza hata siezi hesabu.

Infact if you date me you become a bigger mogul. Niko na kismat mwenda. If I come to your shop, especially morning hours hio siku utauza mpaka ufunge. Many people have told me this. So please learn how to talk to me nicely not talking to me like mgtow. I am blessed and highly favored. Staki kisirani na wanaume broke waniharibie my good vibes.

then i ho

pe the saying all men are the same doesn’t apply to those you have dated.
so I take it that money maketh a man to you?

Kindly familiarize yourself with my avatar and my Skiza tone below. If a man doesn’t have money what does he have? Maybe you know something I don’t. What else maketh a man coz I only know money.


a man will always be as good as what he provides (money) and a woman will always be as good as what she provides (sex)
so men should know a woman will only be with you for money and women; men will be there for the sex.

Wrong a woman provides a litany of benefits. All men have to offer is MONEY.

Whatever you give a woman, she will make greater. If you give her sperm, she’ll give you a baby. If you give her a house, she’ll give you a home. If you give her groceries, she’ll give you a meal. If you give her a smile, she’ll give you her heart. She multiplies and enlarges what is given to her.

Si nilikuambia unirushie kakitu ukaanza kuongea vibaya.

Makena let me ask you something, between a man and a woman who is more prone to having their wealth taken advantage of?

good point but unfortunately even after doing all that the man will still go out looking for what? sex
when the man isn’t able to provide/have money, the women will go out looking for what? money

mean will always view women as sex objects and women view men as money object.
and it’s not a bad thing (not sure why both sexes view it as an evil thing)