Utaoa Lini?

I have severally been asked by females “utaoa lini?”. That has never been important.

However recently two of my exes who reach out once in a while coincidentally raised the same question.

Dem flani I had a thing with early last year for a few months called yesterday, after getting too comfortable with the conversation she went ahead and asked the big question “wewe ulisema utaoa lini?”

Elders, most of you have experienced this.

What do ladies imply wakiuliza hii swali?

Whats the best response?

Is it a shaming method by females and relatives?

No we’re just concerned, Alex.

You’re thirty two years old.
You still live with your grandmother.
You smell funny.
You’ve never had sex with anyone besides prostitutes.
You wear the same pair of boxers everyday.

Like I said, we’re simply concerned.

Usikubali hio maneno na ukikubali u remember that mwanaume pochi told you that it is written in the holy Quran that siku ya kiama ikikaribia wives will be disobedient

naomba uninyonye boro


I assume your female.
I seek the opinion of respectable ‘Elders’ in the forum.

Let no one rush you to marry.

Tell them you are married na wife is pregnant. Wambie venye unaplan kufanya harusi. Watajiondoa never to come back. Fukuza kabisa until further notice

@Yuletapeli did you know that bibi ya @PHARMACY pia ameanza kuuza mattercore huko Kathonzweni?

What did you expect. Her husband – instead of providing for their ugly and retarded kids – spends his entire day trolling.

A man with tick infested dick pretending to be a female . Don’t you have shame.? Hakuna mwanamke atatusiana na majamaa ktalk unless ni Malaya kama wewe ama single mother . You aren’t a single mother. Wewe ni ndume shoga

Tauren since that moment they screwed your buttocks,you became a madman . Your head isn’t okey

Hio ni kama mbuzi kuuliza butcher kwanini hauna stock. Since they will have walked themselves into a trap, waambie umekosa mtu wa kuona co attitude mbaya everywhere, disrespectful women all over the place. Since most of the women asking this will be time-barred (save for your relatives) they will try to fit the kind of woman you described - in this case a respectful woman bila attitude. Wacha wajidanganye that they can box you, and play dumb, play along. They will all try visiting you to show how womanly they are. Suffice it to say mbuzi atakuwa amejiweka kisu kwa shingo.

For females it is a shaming tactic. When they see a single stable man inawauma because either they’re single/bitter na huwataki or you are not being used by a woman which is all women think men are good for. There’s a reason when women get money/promotion etc that’s when they decide to break up/divorce. Your only use as a man is to be used so if she can get money and such without you she leaves. Sadly 10 years later she’ll still blame men for the choice.