Anafikiria matacore and imagining how Kitu ya mboch ilikuwa fiam!

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Moi hakufanya choo1 poa. Imagine being a ‘birrionea’ many times over having an availability of unlimited fanatic allowance of pussy and you cannot bang courtesy of Nyayo house chambers! No wonder this bloke just decides to spoil everyone’s progress. Sad really.


Predictably funny


Let’s remove emotions here. Tell me a movement he started that people followed. You are a political giant, yes? start a party let your followers put their money where their mouths are. If the Luo community voted to a man that guy would be set. Kajwang was at registration for God’s sake. I have numerous friends from the lakeside. One told me point blank. And I quote “I cannot wake up at 5 to queue for a person who has no impact on my life”. I asked so how does your vote count? The conversation drifted elsewhere

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Hehe, small world. Used to be taken there by an uncle nikiwa campus. Saw jakuon in flesh hadi nikachoka. Used to admire and support his moves back then. Lakini after 2007 PEV yetu iliisha


what difference does it make if you knew what I meant?

tulisa tafadhali…why were you wrestling with the word?

usungu in ngumu

tunakubali, na ndio tunasaidiana wakati neno linakataa kutokea ipasavyo ndio kesho tulipate sawa. Good F njema…

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