Utajitetea ukiwa pande gani?

When she asks you the name of that girl that texted you at 2am… :D:D:D

ofcousre it was Miss finest flaa

Madam what do you expect us to see from a zero bytes file?

Finest Flour maybe

Hehe. My apologies. Ushamba ya shosho media itanimaliza. Let me fix this.

Ok so its an mp4 file but on upload it says it can’t be transcoded because its not in the right format. What to do?

In her full blonde moment.

Nimewahi patikana na CD kwa nyumba, ilikuwa balaa kujitetea kwa wife

Now you’ve exhausted your allocated blonde moments for twedi seventeen. Merry Christmas

Post your nudes instead, it is acceptable.

Lol! I’ll take that.

Lol! Unaona mambo inafanya boy child asikuwe number one Kenya. :stuck_out_tongue:

Better even. Stay on course :smiley:

Hehehe…leta mbisha za kuconsole boychild, it’s been a tough year this one.

Huh. No way. I’ll sit this one out. I need to start 2018 with a “New me” quote. :smiley:


Care to share a snippet of the upcoming “new you” :wink:

deny deny deny , i don’t remember sijui, huyo ni nani…

Just before new year’s, when my list of resolutions will be done. Wacha tukule Christmas kwanza. :smiley:

sure thing. waiting. Cheers