usitumie CD

mimi nimeambiwa hii na madame wengi. Everytime I hear that, my member recoils immediately and I run away like a little chicken. Kuna time i had one of the most beautiful girls nishaiona hapa tu Kanairo, I think alikuwa model or some shit. Mimi nampeleka kejani namshow tupitie chemist nichukue majembe ananishow “za nini?” wtf! namshow unataka nikukule raw? akadai “kama humwagi ndani, achana na mimi.” to be honest, nilikuwa tempted kidogo. horniness ikanisumbua kidogo, nikaenda bash fulani the same night and tried to bag another one, same story- tusitumie CD.

While all dreams are valid, yours are just imaginations. When done with school, you will learn to keep some things to yourself.

uliepuka mkosi
otherwise ungelilia kwa choo

Walikua Cambodians? In my experience hao hucomplain kwa nini tutumie cd. Kukula hio kitu bila cd ni confirmed death sentence.

Cd ni ya nini. Kula iyo kitu kaf kaf

Si mngepimwa basi at least kama ni negative uwe na confidence kiasi?

Shida ni STI za siku izi… Vitu sugu zenye ata hazijulikani na zinakataa ata dawa

True. Hao kao babes sijui nini huwasumbua. 30 seconds in the match and she is already campaigning for the abandonment of the condom eti hasikii kitu.

Hata ghonnorea na syphilis wanaweza Pima wakitaka. The technology is there. I recall there is a certain chick I fell for many years ago. I really wanted to book her so badly and she too wanted it. I suggested that we go get tested. After arriving at the testing center, we discovered that they were also testing other venereal diseases. We paid to have ourselves tested for all of them. We later pushed for sometime before losing track of each other

HIV can be undetected for the first 3 months… there is a strain of gonorrhea that is becoming untreatable… hizo vitu zote

sikuweza kuua but one of them was definitely luo with a very big ass

I hope that day comes. For now, let me enjoy my youth and school days

But ghonnorea doesn’t hide itself. Even a person who was infected yesterday will be easily detected as positive

Mimba is another big problem, for the woman its a way of milking you dry

Huwa napenda sana story za safe sex. People should follow your lead

hapa chief mimi sitacheza na kaswende… alafadhali ninyonge

Previously on things that never happened…

hii deal was too good to be true… later in the night nilimskumia boyz wangu and she insisted avae cd

Nothing like dreams hapo, do you interact with any ladies because if you did ungejua that is what they want?

Twanga kitu dry fry endea PEP baada ya kazi