Using an encrypted flash drive or hard disk in home theatre

Ya’ll geeky nerdy talkers, is it possible to use a drive that has been encypted with bitlocker in a home theatre system and if so, how do you go about it?

wacha u-stingy, nunua another flash for your entertainment needs uwachane kusumbuana na flash ya kazi


Manze I have a 1tb external hdd and a number of flash drives but to use any them in the work machine they have to be encrypted so all my drives are encrypted.

The home theater needs to have bitlocker preinstalled to decrypt the drive .so its impossible. Coz hio sio kazi ya home theater

Delete the bitlocker encryption using pc

Sounds like I am doomed coz after removing the bitlocker encryption all those drives are not usable in the work laptop.
I wish Sony would have considered installing bitlocker but ni sawa tu

why would a home-theater need encryption/decryption software?
that is like saying you wish your car also came with a powersaw pre-installed in the boot.

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You clearly don’t make the cut for geeky nerds with your flawed analogy but I’ll just let it slide.

Mission Impossible :slight_smile:

vile snap amesema