Usiku Sacco

night runners hop onto your brooms and start running.
welcome mark register

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Niko hapa. Kutulia tu.

present, about to join bae in bed…

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Niko area.
Think I have to go back to driving school nielezewe hizi line zinamaanisha nini.

Present. About to have my last wank before retiring for the day.
You haven`t had a decent wank until you have it on a Samsung 7 Gear VR "hands-free…

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Continuous yellow line najua ni no overtaking hii ingine broken yellow line ni ya nini and this stretch of road is very straight.

Present nakunywa turugi nikifanya homework

Unataka nikuambie?

Zinamaanisha huyo dereva wa hiyo lori hawes overtake under no circumstance lakini the drivers on the other side of the road can overtake BUT only Cautiously.There must be a very blinding corner coming towrds where that lorry is headed.


If its Yellow and Broken unaweza overtake but with alot of Caution juu it can change anytime and looking down that stretch of road,you see it winds to the right .
The Only time it is ever safe to overtake is when there is only a Single Broken (staggered) WHITE line.

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Umekuwa dereva koko

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Asante bro.

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Present namalizia suruba zangu hapa kejani moss moss Na movie.

No overtaking f9r continous lines


present… just drinking my carrot and brocolli smoothie

Present afwande
Sevilla imenyoroshwa minyorosho ya kamiti maximum. The ref and his asses were horrendous in officiating.
Madrid 4-0 Sevilla

Sheriff on da hoooouuuse. ES go back to Unik. Guaranteed pass. Cheap n best

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what if i say i passed here while everybody had retired their brooms