Usiku Sacco

What a furahiday it has been, seems everyone here was monolized in form one, @Mkufuu respect, tunagoja hekaya in full + the name of the school. The keyboard warriors we have hawakusema kitu kwa hio thread. Still waiting for @mabenda4 Aseme what he will do if his daughter says she is being a victim of monolisation.
Pia leo am applying for a firearms licence, I want an AK47, is it possible?
Welcome to usiku sacco na kaa hujalipa your post will be deleted.
@Guru turimuekea WiFi ya Zuku.



As a mono I was asked to say my name and underline it

… a bit disappointed. I need to recover the money I put down on a few units in a large development “somewhere” but the timelines for completion are a bit longer than I’d hoped.



ni eighth ngapi?

kangema high…unafua na unakalisha nguo mabroda

:smiley: 4 eighths

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Am also a lawyer, tax lawyer but I can help.

Present. sasa wacha nitafute what @Purr_27 has been posting all day. Hey @Guru was hoping umeregister usiku sacco leo…have a few questions for you.

i’ll just wait … cant really get too noisy 'cause im a very minor investor in comparison to some who have lots more units. Also, the road is still shit as you can see. I cant push for completion of the units if i cant guarantee a high standard of everything for my tenants/buyers.

No choice but to wait it out.

All questions through the chair

Mimi sijalipa, hapa madeni yanakubaliwa? Nitalipa nikipata pesa

Present ndo nimetema matawi sahi nakata na hunters ango

Wah,hio ni vumbi,

Karibu sana, number ya paybill angalia inbox

Freshy mzito

Present… A nigga would hold 2 of yours fingers tightly together put those Juakali made keys with so many teeth in between them and twist the key alafu unaambiwa ugurume like a car being ignited saa hiyo funguo inatoa vidole ngozi

Hebu tueleze how you can miss a target thats two feet away with a pistol

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Present… sitting with a bunch of friends eating left overs .

ZA nini?