Usiku Sacco

Kijiji imeongea, @digi amepata job MMNN after garnering 58.1% of the votes.
Mpatieni advice as you mark register

PLOT TWIST @digi = @Meria ruta

Kwanza twambie 58.1% of how many ballots?

@digi my son, cheza chini kijana wangu. That will be all.

31 talkers voted


Mijinga kabisa
That ain’t possible
Its like saying @Panyaste = @Mundu Mulosi

Clocked in at 20:43 my time. Digi knows my stand already so got nothing more to add. He prolly thinks namuonea as I did not like his hippo pichas most wearing some of the worst weaves ever known to man and I kind of don’t like how he reports sensational news. He does not seem to know the difference between peddling gossip and posting verifiable hot news supported by evidence.

Matiang’i generation of schoolers. Mpatie job at your own peril or you tutor him bila pay.

Keeping the masses captivated… I am sad coz I participated.
I have eyes and yet I do not see? I rank myself 9/10 on the stupid scale.

0058 local time. @digiriri sasa letea watu kisafisha jicho pale MMNN

2:51am macho nawasha from staring at computer screen. Wacha nijiwekelee kidogo

hakuna plot twist hapa, hii kitu ni straight as an arrow