Usiku sacco

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Is panya @digi still around

Umeweka msendez wapi?

Umeweka msendez wapi? 23:24hrs



2335hrs NBO

Kwa sudoni

Unanichesa ,you know what i mean sir


Melia, this is for you my brother.

Right but there’s that small inconvenience of that phycho killing you in the end.

Simon has some special relationship with Darkness…

I am live at 00:48. Listening to Dr. SaxLove.

@afisa kwani umesahau ukatumia handle gani hii tena



Woooi @pamba or should I commiserate with @Chloe

Nshatoka kukojoa narudi kulala 01:45


Total disrespect.

Just landed at JKIA 04:46