Usiku Sacco

Time to retire.Tomorrow is the first equinox of the year, to all talkers in northern hemisphere, happy spring?Back at home the weatherman is predicting some respite from the rains so lets enjoy some sunshine shall we? Useless spectator over and out.
Ps. @ media mata ,if able to capture first rays,most appreciated. And what happened to the black?

Tukikaribia equinox TV signals za sat tv hupotea for between 3 and 7 minutes when the sun is directly above the satellite. It’s known as solar outage.
Gd night.
Ps; if no clouds tarusha mbisha za sunrise

ngombe muzeee

meffi niaje?

kuuliza tu. Equinox ni sazile dunia iko na knock knees?

i restored a laptop which died 2 years ago when i was in London. I’m listening to a mix that I haven’t heard since then and which takes me further back to around 2007.
bliss :slight_smile:

Seems we are in for a very wet time till the next equinox. Two years ago at a time like this we were being cautioned to stay away from the sun and take lots of water to stay hydrated.


Ng’ombe mzee meffi

Wewe pia ni Wa Randaan?
Ng’ombe muzee.

:D:D:D Nyang’.
Umehama afrojiri sacco ama umepotea Njia ?