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AIDS was discovered in 1981 when five men reported to a hospital in Los Angeles with an ailment that had compromised their immunity.A hired professor of sociology discovered all the 5 men had visited Haiti a place described as earth’s heaven due to its sex pleasure with varieties,straight,anal, oral and induced mustabation .Three of them had an anal sex,while the other two had shot drugs.
With that opportunity and death came to the world.
I was a first year student at Kenyatta university when an Association of people living with AIDS came to talk to us.With them was a young extremely beautiful lady Assumpta Wagura.As she was matching to the podium all men young and old, lecturers, students, watchmen stood up, not for an ovation but to put their hands in their pocket and tame their misbehaving organs.Even those whose libido had gone for a compulsory leave returned with no notice.This lady was beautiful and had a dress meant to kill.Though long enough and descent, our imagination saw her with a miniskirt of a miniskirt. We thought whoever had put this lady to this group to attract and maintain an attention was a genius, we were enjoying the session even before it started. The moment of confession came, the 4 men accompanying Assumpta declared their HIV status.We pitied them, we saw them dying in weeks.
When Assumpta stood up our hidden body parts also stood up.Her declaration was unexpected.“AM HIV positive” she said tears following from her beautiful eyes.Our once energetic bodies froze, standing bodies slept and went into coma,those whose libido had come left for good and men engines collapsed, a reboot thru counselling was needed.
We left the hall cooler than ice.20 yrs later Assumpta is still alive and kicking with five kids, talk of positive living and determination not to die.

»»Peter Njuna

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Hio ya Assumpta ni photocopy ya HIV.

Engui kwani ulipata HIV? Usijali bro. Kuna ule manzi kitu safi alikuja ten over ten akasema ana live positively. Unaweza mkula raw

Wacha kuniwish mabaya kijana

maini fry n ugali is what am eating right now

@Esese umefungua usiku Sacco ya Umeffi…
Siku hizi tunatambua cancer…

@Esese na hizi data are bad news… What is happening down there?

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If only we could #Resist this virus!

0205Hrs K1 leo incidence za infection zitakuwa high, kume-chrome kaa mbwa.


Bado mapoko ukuja hii base? Asking for a friend

Wadau msha lala kwani

Mapoko ni wengi sana, huku ni Poko central.

Men throw away their brains during dry spell… Or is it almost every time?? :D:D:D

Ni wapi hakuna mapoko these days…hadi hoteli ya kifahari utawaona wame jiweka kwa corner wako warembo tu

Baringo, elgeyo marakwet and pokot is the right place to get a wife … just saying

what the heo is this?