Usiku Sacco...

Since no village Idiot is putting up usiku Sacco today… Let me volunteer… TIME STAMP 23:50

They abandoned their new born daughter 20 years ago… But left a written note on where to meet in 10yrs or 20 yrs later on the broken bridge in Hangzhou China
… Google that… An incredible story of I don’t know what… BBC were to air the documentary but the story is also online… Nite all.

thanks for telling me nothing…meffiii

I’m awake watching this mini me feeding.
Time stamp 00:00

umbwa apatambua hii sacco umefungua . kuma wewe

I clearly said Google…

i still insist you said nothing. …blalifackin

@Nefertities blocked, how in the wide world out of all the morons out there did you give the moronest funguo za sacco, ata hajui we don’t click.
Come back to the truck, imeoshwa it’s clean

You fool we dont recognize your sacco

Hereford chinga kapsa, namarisa mimi…

Ah, yes, And i don’t rekoknise this sacco…

1:08 am checking in you soft motherfuckers

I am a member of Usiku Sacco. So I hereby sign in at 22:11 my time and leaving shortly…hope you try and grab some sleep.

@Meria Mata…today I attended a meeting and as per usual…we introduce ourselves tour-de-table. Wacha some guy said his name is xxxx Coward and another said I am xxx Daiper. And no I am not joking those are their surnames.

I needed help as I stifled giggles. Woooi…my boss asked me later were you alright Gradys? :D:D:D:D

were u muthuri gradis

04:26 usiku sacco ohyie!!

Cardi B.

This dog is going to the village.
Content nowadays is appalling.