Usiku Sacco

The grim reaper ametuamulia Leo, ebu mark register na useme location.

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Domestic and going nowhere. 23:36.

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23:36 nko kwangu watching Juventus vs Internazionale. Couldn’t go out coz I can’t stand the alcohol smell… I think am reformed. I now wonder why you guys drink.



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Indoors just lost a bet


orienapapa niko ngangari

Barabara noma leo. Narcos Season 3 moto sana. Thought it would be boring without Escobar

Niko hapa Lando. 21.33. Enjoying my solitude and planning my trip mdogo mdogo.


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Niko kejani, Walking Dead 8 kameshika sana…inanibeba kama ndoto. No need to sleep!

Better never than late!

03:48, pŕesént.

04:12 hrs insomnia

Are you tryna throw the shade as…Hadi kwa sacco though[ATTACH=full]143979[/ATTACH] just got to say … I get that you can’t see yaself the log in your eye makes it impossible but a bitch nigga keeps nagging and makes no point…so either you kill yoself or shut the fuck up…PS din you say you gone put up one where you piloting drones …see how the bitch in you is squirming…get wet pussy nigga but no one is fucking with yah

Usiko sakko krossed

Rink where it all started