Usiku Sacco

They went tribal like the rest of them.

No sleep. Ata nimetoka kwa hiyo kitanda na sirudi. Sijui usingizi umeeenda wapi. I’m too tensed up to sleep. Too many uncertainties both at a personal level and this election sh!t.

marking register.12.37 a.m

I pray all is well . Relaxing now with Kratos after a few hours of pen and paper.
I am in my element when surrounded by chaos and engulfed by passion.

Let peace prevail

Happy to note your presence general:D:D


Thenks darl…ona hiti shiarega…Ninguthhieee toro. I feel a bit drunk…This was meant for the kitchen so kweli ni melewa.

You are not the only one. I am heading to bed but I know I will be up in some hours. So imagine how we feel 10 milli miles away!!

niko apa na fikiria vile hii thao nilibuy credo ya 50bob imeisha aje juu naona 120 kwa wallet

where is god himself?

Ndaani ka holiday kanabamba mukilumbana, 3.00 a. m