Usiku sacco

Kabuda you talk alot


0007 hrs.up till 1.30pm ish. kaguitar nipluck hizi strings kidogo kidogo then I sleep

picha ya guitar .:slight_smile:

Pseudonym not sure what you are laughing about. Kabuda is a man and I am a woman. We just reside in the UK. H e clearly does not bother with these kinda stupid responses.

haha…it’s an old yamaha F310…the stickers on it will give too much info.


sweetheart…that’s @engiti talking about ka buda not me.

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Midnight 21.
Today was a good day. Just made 90k on the PMSE (poor man’s stock exchange). Very happy.

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I understand…one day drop us an audio of something though, if it won’t out you…CSI ya huku ni kali

hehe…i know…I will 1 day

one of my favorite guitar work…


What I’ve gathered from credible sources is that you have a large gluteus maximus, and areolas from here till the Vatican City.

rock lover. nice. #metallica. will look it up. good night

Wow! That’s huge…( I just double checked the areolas though… Never thought about their sizes before)

Now that gives me the inkling that you have negligible awareness of your incredible endowments.

goodnight @milvoski .




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