Usiku sacco

With nominations behind us @admin pandisha rank wale talkers waliochangamsha the looooong threads na commercial breaks, eka wote VS. Asante
Time to mark register na muwe na siku njema ya wafanyi kazi.
Atwoli will have a ball tomorrow

Saa sita. Ndo unafungua sako. Ambia @admin mi sitaki vs… I want to regress not progress.

Register marked

Was waiting for Fala 12, nduru za kuaminika zasema ako chini ya meza sankara

it’s 21h51 not sleepy, binging on Chicago Med

I guess as one ages, sleep also Malaysias. Niko riitho.

Nasal congestion and bad flu.
Self imposed quarantine from the rest of the family so that I don’t infect anyone else :(:(:frowning:
Taking some mixes of honey, ginger and changaa

Lovely night

Time zone GMT+1 , country?



replace chang’aa with lemon

He…he…nimeona hiyo thread, it was as exciting as watching wet paint drying on the wall. Like I say always, the opposition and it’s supporters are 95% hype, 5% impact.

Right now I’m watching “Eddie the Eagle” very inspiring movie.

I’ve tested over the weekend and now I’m fully charged for the main event, the final full blown campaign of 2017. Hang on to you seat, it’s going to be massive.

Nice, wekelea photos of the namib, btw am told the climate is quite harsh those sides, have had someone who compared it with dafur :smiley:

Said only the coastal strip is habitable

The closest I have to lemon is bitter lemon, too late to shop for them. Just going to hit myself with some sedatives and antihistamines so that I collapse till day light

True…it’s mostly extreme weather down here. Very hot summers and very cold winters…some rain in between. Coast is not left out, it’s very cold there sometimes! pictures baadaye.

On my way back to county 002. Dereva amesahau amebeba watu na anavuka bumps ni kama wale dereva wa fast and furious

Thought @Gio once gave you a sleep recipe. That involved bananas! Ama ilikuwa fake?

Hehehee. It works but I don’t like bananas, well not all.
How is ATC?

The strange case of Benjamin scumbag…

00:55 hrs MPT