Usiku sacco (Tribute)

On Saturday I lost my cousin. A young girl who was still in high school. I won’t go into details since I don’t feel like I have the strength to elaborate what happened. She will be laid to rest tomorrow. She is an angel now and I know she will be watching over us. It has been a difficult week but by the grace of the lord we have accepted it is what it is. I have tried to write a hekaya about that fateful sato but imekataa. Another day maybe.

may she R.I.P.

Poleni kwa msiba.

Pole for the loss boss


Pole bro next week tukutane Whitehouse nikununulie momo moja.

Poleni kwa msiba…

Pole bro

My condolences @incognitus. poleni.

Pole kwa wote waliopatwa na huo msiba

My condolences. May she RIP

Take heart mblo. It is always sad to lose someone you cared for. With God above ,all shall be well. RIP to the young soul.

Pole sana bro

pole sana mjamaa

May Her Soul Rest in Peace…

may she rest in piece. painful loosing a child.

Pole @incognitus :frowning:

Ohh what a sad note. My condolences

Pole mzee

Uncle birionea @jimm m Rudi banaaaaa