Usiku Sacco - Boychild Edishen


23:06 my time so a few hours ahead in NBO about to go hang my boots. Hope all shall be well in the next coming fortnight. No drinking tonight but sometime this weekend. Some of us tumekaliwa sana na Brexit ‘Bullsit’. Not just Kenya burning…mmmmh elsewhere.

Kesho… my fellow ‘Naight Sako’ Kenyans.

@Purple…Defence or rebuttal ni muhimu sana hapa:). The food is OKI but not for the whole day and if you did not prep it. I love that food but for once a day? But what is good for the goose is not good for the gander.

Ugali, Mukimo, Potatoes, Ngwashe, Rice,plain boiled or spiced or Pilau, Ndengus, Matokes, nyama well baked/grilled/fried etc, Githeri, Kachumbari and all the accompaniments really ride the day for me.

naomba ni kunyonye maskio

You will always get away with it. Mbona huja lala? Kwanza Bae as I crawl to bed now…could I ask that mletee mbogo kutoka Wesdan(Western Kenya)…the greens that we love so much? before my Dec arrival! .

If I knew… I would not have booked this Dep trip but we are in this together all of us as Kenyans. Pulling out will cost me so much. Emotionally for Mum and financially for me.


1.39am kwa Karis hapa passie

Sasa mtu akiamka kususu insomnia starts. Isorait, happy mashujaa day.

Niko undisclosed lokeshon in Uasin Gishu cownty
@pseudonym pokea salamu mami…

Huku ni ngano tu na siasa… Sioni nikilala any time soon…kikale ni ngumu kushika mara kongoi misin, mara momi ng’ala, mara singetuyen…

Onja maziwa warm, you will be out w/out knowledge


Afikishwe threshold na reverse cowgirl awache kusumbua.

Cow girl merchant @Kasighau anakaribia threshold saa hii na @gashwin anarevise dictionary, akingoja flowerfeed ya afrojiri, momo 1 hana lake

Looks like kale salad! My absolute favourite. I usually add a boiled egg and that poppy seed dressing[SIZE=1] [/SIZE][SIZE=4]it’s just delicious [/SIZE][SIZE=1](must be addicted to the morphine) [/SIZE]

hahah…nimepokea salamu,kongoi misin
Unarudi when?

Clearly you don’t subscribe to the skinny bish battalion:D

Sunday, if all goes to plan. Uko chupa ya ngapi Heineken!

Heineken was an appetizer…Playing with the big boys and girls now.
Enjoy your night my dear.
Take care of yourself out there…na urudi na hekaya.:slight_smile:

yani umeinigia ndani ya kibao na bluemoon sasa .

Hehe uwes and co are hating that antioxidant rich food. Raw kale, cabbage, sunflower seeds, grapes, poppy seeds, cashew nuts, blue cheese, raisins topped with cilantro avocado dressing. Simple, delicious yet filling.
You cook all those foods my dear? Wow. Me I gave up on cooking a long time ago juu I live alone and there’s no motivation to cook something complicated. But you’re those mutumia ngatha :p. You’re preparing well for when you shall be cooking for many. :slight_smile:
@kah tony I know you’re salivating don’t be shy now. :wink:
@mona_lisa so delicious, tell them.

Naomba unisaidie na gibleys ninyonye.