Usiku sacco billionaires edition

Incase you are at the refugees camp, have Holla and have a tipple on my bill[ATTACH=full]162800[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]162801[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]162802[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]162803[/ATTACH]

Hio phone inatoa Image ya 5.8mb Aje… Stakuwa na Fungua thread za mbirioneas sasa…

Cheers you Egyptian!

huko ni wapi mzito, I have a feeling this thread will malaysia soon,don’t drink and drive though

What’s the old man singing now? :slight_smile:

I finally settled down to watching supernatural again. Weekend made.

Isn’t this thea same pub meria took pseudonym for their first night?


My last cup for the night.
Then I will head home to the home Ive built with my own two hands + wife’s

Goodnight folks, stay safe

haiya? Did he post those photos here? o_Oo_O

Huku ni wapi? I see potential kastamas and sponsors!

enjoy purdy arms fella

It’s 18 mega pixels dual cam

A talker called it a refugee camp :D:D

Badilisha simu kijana

:D:D kwa raha zao

Welcome to my local, I will gladly do the intro

Sibadilishi simu

You didn’t even have to block part of the exif , have used blackberry for over 10 years currently on priv

They were my guests

You have a keen eye

Mandolin winds

I don’t have to drive

I can leave my jalopy here and stagger home :smiley:

Inbox Google pin!